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Note: If you have lost your stuff during the meeting, please check this link. In case you would find yours in the list, please email to the office of CJSCC.

Note: A part of abstracts was updated. In case you have already download it, please download new one.

Note: The deadline for the luncheon seminar was postponed to Sep 16 (Mon). Please feel free to attend it.

Note: Because of an event on Sep 21-22, 2019 in Nagoya Dome, one can expect that it will soon be very difficult to book convenient hotels. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to book your hotel ASAP.

Note: This conference will provide a wireless network through "eduroam" system (pre-registration needed). Please contact network administrator in your organization. In case you would not have eduroam account, please stop at the conference office at the conference site. We will provide a guest account.
The 69th Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry
Host: Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry
The Chemical Society of Japan

NU, Graduate School of Science
NU, Graduate School of Engineering
NU, Research Center for Materials Science
Date: Sep. 21(Sat)-23(Mon), 2019
Venue: Nagoya University, Higashiyama Campus (Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya)
   Access to Higashiyama Campus, Campus map
Registration and Abstract Submission: through the website of JSCC

Deadline for the title submission:
May 24(Fri), 2019
Deadline for the abstract submission:
Jul. 5(Fri), 2019
Deadline for the early-bird registration for Conference, Banquet, Abstract book order:
Jul. 26(Fri), 2019
Deadline for the Money Transfer:
Jul. 31(Wed), 2019
Note: Before the deadline, refund with cancellation will be approved. Cancellation after the deadline will be non-refundable.

Associated International Symposium: The 5th-Japan-Taiwan-Singapore-Hong Kong Quadrilateral Synposium on Coordination Chemistry (original website)
Symposia (English session in Conference of JSCC)

A: Syntheses and Characterization of Coordination Compounds
B: Geometrical and Electronic Structures of Coordination Compounds
C: Reactions of Coordination Compounds
D: Organometallic Compounds
E: Coordination Compounds related to Bioinorganic Chemistry
F: Functionalities and Applications of Coordination Compounds
Footnote: General presentations are classified into two types: oral presentation (20 min including discussion) and poster presentation. As a general rule, Professors, postdocs, and Ph.D. students should give their presentation in English. It is recommended to give presentation in English for master students.
The maximum allowed number of oral presentations from one laboratory:
(i) three Japanese talks,
(ii) one English talk + three Japanese talks,
(iii) two English talks + two Japanese talks,
(iv) three English talks + one Japanese talk, and even
(v) four English talks.
(vi) If one of speakers would be a foreign people, the group can have one more English talk. In this case, total number of talks could be five.
Nevertheless, please understand that some of the oral speakers might be asked to present a poster, depending upon the total number of oral presentations of this symposium. In such a case, we appreciate if you accept the condition requested by the organizing committee.
All the poster award applicants should present their poster in the whole time (2 hours) of poster session, regardless of their odd and even numbers.

Date: Sep. 22(Sun), 2019
Place: Toyoda Auditorium, Campus map
The earlybird registration fee for the banquet is 8,000 yen. The normal registration fee after the deadline (July 26) as well as the on-site registration fee would be 9,000 yen. 
The banquet usually starts with (1) a speech of the JSCC president, (2) a speech of the dean of the faculty at the conference site, (3) some JSCC awards ceremonies, (4) a ceremony for the poster awards for young students, and, of course, (5) a toast. If the symposium is held at the country side of Japan, a special show which is special for the area where the symposium is held would be given (e.g., special dance shows, music shows, etc.).

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