Research on "Interfacial Microbial Engineering" and "Wastewater Treatment and Bioremediation"

Our research target is microorganisms, especially unicellular organisms known as bacteria. We focus on two major themes, "interfacial microbial engineering" and "wastewater treatment and Bioremediation,” and are involved in everything from basic research to practical applications.

About Hori Lab.

堀 克敏

In our laboratory, we conduct basic research on the structure, function, and interaction with the keywords of "microorganism", "cell surface", and "interface". Based on the basic research, we aim to create a field of "Interfacial Microbial Engineering" that will expand new technologies to lead to green innovation.
In recent years, the microbial technology has advanced dramatically, and more efficient biological treatment technology has developed by using new materials and integrating with other technologies. In our laboratory, we also continue our research on wastewater treatment and bioremediation using microorganisms, aiming for social implementation of new technologies.


Jun. 26, 2023
Mr. Sasahara (D3) received the Excellence Award at Summer Seminar 2023 (Young Researchers Committee for Biotechnology)! Congratulations!
Jun. 21, 2023
There's a new interview with Professor Hori ! It's all about
'Universities, startups, big corporations, and making the SDGs happen.'
Jun. 14, 2023
The results of our laboratory have been published as a paper in Frontiers in Environmental Science.
Contribution of the Fenton reaction to the degradation of carbon nanotubes by enzymes
May. 31, 2023
An article about Nagoya Univ. Venture, Friend Microbe Inc. was published in a press release.

Nagoya Univ. Venture


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